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Our replacement dual ball features the same steel construction as our high-quality hitches, coated with a durable black textured powder coat.
Select either Medium DutyHeavy Duty, or Extreme Duty for your hitch class from the options above depending on the BulletProof Hitch that you will be using it on. Also, select the ball size combination that you would like for your dual ball.


Available Dual Ball Combinations Include:

  2" & 2-5/16" Dual Ball — (Most common size)

1-7/8" & 2-5/16" Dual Ball

1-7/8" & 2" Dual Ball  


Dual Ball Weight Ratings

Medium Duty 1-7/8" — 6,000 lbs

Medium Duty 2" — 10,000 lbs

Medium Duty 2-5/16" — 14,000 lbs

Heavy/Extreme Duty 1-7/8" — 6,000 lbs

Heavy/Extreme Duty 2" — 12,000 lbs

Heavy/Extreme Duty 2-5/16" — up to 36,000 lbs

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