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bulletProof Hitches

hitch size: 2"
strength: heavy duty
drop: 4" drop


Receiver height as measured:

what size drop do i need? 

Have your vehicle parked on a flat area and Measure from your receiver down to the fall. 
example shown in figure B 
Under 13" requires a hitch in the rise position, email us 
13"-15" requires 2" drop/rise hitch
16"-18" requires 4" drop/rise hitch
19"-21" requires 6" drop/rise hitch
22"-24" requires 8" drop/rise hitch
25"-27" requires 10" drop/rise hitch
28"-30" requires 12" drop/rise hitch
31"-33" requires 14" drop/rise hitch 
34"-36" requires 16" drop/rise hitch

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