Off-roading is often for the adventurous thrill-seeking explorer and quite dangerous. C’mon right? it’s not uncommon to see thrill-seeking and danger placed in the same sentence. Off-roading at night is undoubtedly even more dangerous; not only are you driving on rough, bumpy, less populated terrain, you can barely see where you’re going. So how do you make this thrill-seeking activity safer? Equip yourself with must-haves before you set off on your late night adventures. Off-roading essentials include having mud/all-terrain tires, lifted suspension, and good LED light bars. LED technology is safe, energy-efficient, incredibly durable, and an overall upgrade to the traditional spot/flood lights. They provide a stylish look in the day and remarkably bright lighting at night to help you foresee any potholes, rocks, fallen branches and other objects in your vicinity.

First, you might want to find a light compatible with your truck or vehicle. There are curved and straight LED light bars available. Many truck owners with curved windshields go with curved light bars and most find the curved bars cover more range than straight light bars.

Spot, Flood, or Combination…Which beam pattern to go with? Spot lighting focuses on  specific areas while flood lights cover a wider range. Combination lighting is, like the name, a combination of both flood and spot lights. Combination would probably be the best light bar fit to give you more terrain coverage in most situations but the choice is yours depending on your opinion.

Find a light bar that is durable. Going off-roading is nothing like the smooth, paved roads you are used to in the city. There’s likely going to be things like different weather conditions, branches, rocks scraping, dinging, possibly hitting your truck and lights so it is important to purchase a dependable, resistant quality LED light bar. A reputable brand like Illuminate Nation offers built to last LED Light Bars that come in different sizes and also options of curved or straight designs to meet your truck’s needs.

Choose where you want to mount your light bar. The most common places to mount truck lights depending on personal preference are the front bumper, above the windshield, and below the windshield. The easiest location to mount is the front bumper – there are usually pre-existing holes already there and ready to go, and if not it’s pretty quick and easy to drill holes to place the light bar anywhere you please.

Take the time to install your light bars properly. This is especially important in case your warranty doesn’t cover the damage. Do not skip steps, use the wrong grommets or forget to seal your light properly! TIP: Buy a seal kit. After light installation you may notice a screeching noise driving on the freeway. The noise is actually caused by the cooling blades (located on the back of the light) hitting the wind. Not to worry! To eliminate the obnoxious whistling sound, simply remove the light bar, measure the seal to your light bar and stick them together using clear gorilla tape, firmly install your door seal, and remount your light bar.

Find LED light bars with warranties. LED light bars should offer at least 2-year warranties. Some brands even offer lifetime warranties. Take the time to review the fine print and be aware of what the warranty covers. Your lights will definitely go through different climates so it is important to consider if your warranty covers weather damage.

Avoid run-ins with the law. Not all lights are compliant to the road regulations in your area. To avoid inconvenience of paying fines and replacing your lights, make sure it is legal and safe for the street road. To check, simply call and consult with your local DMV or police station.

Read other people’s reviews to get a more informed buying decision. Reviews provide a much better realistic expectation to what you will get, but as always take it with a grain of salt. It is always a good idea to read both good and bad reviews to develop a judgement for yourself whether or not to make the purchase.

It’s imperative to have strong bright lighting for your daring evening excursion. Plan ahead! Make sure you are very well prepared for the dangers entailed going off-roading. Do the groundwork to find the best LED light bar fit for you that is legal in your town, safe and long-lasting. We offer the best LED light bars that never disappoint. Hop in, buckle up and let your high-quality Illuminate Nation light bars lead your way.